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with ultrasound

Surveys, Polls

Ultrasound voting

Send an ultrasound signal with voting data to the attendees
or followers of the event in the radio o media


Send polls, surveys, contests to the attendees of any event to vote for the best player, the best song, quality surveys. etc. The public will "listen" with the app offline to pull the data from the sound broadcasted through the sound system


Radio, media, publicity, Whatsapp

We can send the ultrasonic signals with voting data not only through the sound system of the venue, but also inserted in videos, publicity, through the radio, Whatsapp, etc. People can listen offline to ads to get the poll or survey

Where to use it?

Use it in venues, sports, music events, contests, shopping centers, airports and everywhere


Music, festivals

Let the people vote for the best song, band, or create charters. Just broadcast our signals with voting data live at any event



Player of the match, rate the venue, safety, information, referees, and more.


Shopping malls

Conduct surveys, probably you are eager to know what the public thinks about their visits and shopping experience



Beauty contests, cooking, performance, endurance, singing, dance or in any other contest let the public vote by sending offline voting data


How it works?

Engage your visitors or listeners with polls, surveys, contests or gamification with ultrasonic voting data


the ultrasonic signals containing voting data, like a poll, survey, contest, etc, from, speaker, sound system or our own sound hardware.

Listen, detect, decode

The public will "listen"with the app to the sound system (like in Shazam, but offline), and the app will detect the data sent and decode it.
Once decoded, the data will be turned into something usiful and open the poll, survey or contest, ready for the user to vote.


NFCSound is a high frequency inaudible audio barcode that we embed into the sound to send data and connect people with products, places, events, marketing, votes and more

No, is like Shazam, but offline. You just need to "listen"with the app to the sound source, and the app will detect and decode the ultrasonic barcodes. Once decoded it will be turned into something useful for the user like a ticket, voucher, authentication, voting, marketing information, or just anything relevant and useful that will connect the user with the place or event 

From any device with a speaker, even the most simple $10 speaker will do, tablet, smartphone, radio program, videos, inserted in publicity, etc. We also have our own transmitters that can turn any poster, signange, etc into interactive where people can listen and be engaged, indoors or outdoors

No. We embed and send the data with the sound. When the users listen to detect the signals they listen to the sound and do not pull any data from servers. Once the signals are detected the software automatically decodes and triggers the action.

Because we pull the data from the sound, not from servers, means that the entire process is offline. Once the signal is detected, the encoding takes place on the device self, there are no server calls.

Yes. Signals with data can be distributed from Facebook and WhatsApp as audio files. Anyone with the software installed can listen and decode the data. The principle remains the same: users will listen with the app, detect and decode the signals from any source.

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